Study Start-up

Since 2010 Ramus Medical has successfully completed more than 32 BA/BE studies. Our Study Start-up Department collects documents and submits them to the competent authorities and Ethics Committees quickly and competently. The team members communicate with Investigators, Ethics Committees and Administrations to resolve critical issues. They handle requests for clarification and amendments as well as contacts with site administrations to finalise financial agreements. Ramus Medical has a study site which meets all regulatory requirements for the conduct of BA/BE studies. It is at our disposal all the time.

Feasibility study

Site Selection

Principal investigator and study team selection – based on our experience in the field of clinical trials we have contractual
agreements with the well-known experts

Mediation of contracts or signing the contracts on behalf of the Sponsor and other parties

Collection of documents and submission to Regulatory agencies and Ethics Committees

Organization and conduct of investigator meetings