The successful development of Ramus Medical is based on the following facts:

20+ year as central and safety lab

450+ studies as central or safety lab

50 + studies from protocol/plan development to Clinical Study report through clinical monitoring, statistics and data management.

40+ completed BA/BE and Phase I-IV clinical trials

10+ clinical investigations on medical devices

Clinical trials, organized by Ramus Medical granted final documentation which facilitated Sponsors to grant MA & CE mark; Study approval from BDA, MHRA

40+ completed Readability User Tests

10+ completed bridging reports

600+ employees Ramus Corporate Group

In our clinical trials we follow global standards because we are concerned about the lives of the participants who completely trust in our expertise. A clinical trial is conducted only after we’ve gathered the whole information about its safety and efficacy. We do not want only to protect study subjects from unnecessary risks, we also want to make sure that those who take part in our studies completely understand the nature of clinical trials and that their participation is protected by strict privacy policies.

Our extensive investigators’ database, our experience and our thorough knowledge of ICH GCP guidelines and local legislation allows us to ensure quick study arrangement and fast subjects recruitment.